What is your magic sauce?  

What is the secret to getting more clients, making more money, and running a business you love?  Let’s skip the mystery and get right to the answer:  it’s you.

160806_IreneF_015_web2If you’re a solopreneur, one-woman show, or a leader in your tribe… you are your own secret ingredient.

YOU are the reason your best clients choose your business.  Not your logo, or your pricing, or even the awesome things you make or do.  They can get any of that anywhere.  Your clients want to work with YOU.

Want to attract more clients?  Make more money?  Find your tribe?  Be more YOU.  Show more YOU.  Infuse the essence of YOU into everything you do.

Personal branding isn’t about self-promotion (or annoying narcissism) – it’s about being VISIBLE so that your clients knows that they are buying a direct conduit into the magic of you (and trust me, they want that!).

Personal branding works because we have been hit over the head with polished corporate websites and slick marketing campaigns, and we are OVER it.  So over.  We want to spend our money (and time, and social currency) on personal access to mentors and experts and inspiring creators and thinkers…actual real, amazing people.  Those big corporations that you think you’re competing with?  They can only dream about having the marketing magic you possess.

I know that being your own spokesperson sounds daunting – but don’t stress.  We can work together to build a strategy for your personal branding and create amazing images that will let your magic sauce shine!

Let’s Get Started!