The Beginning

Some transformations take longer than others.

I had an amazing personal branding consultation with a client on Sunday, and I left thinking – “I’m ready.”

Gratuitous photo of something pretty.

I’m ready to push this baby out there.  You see, I’ve been simmering the Epoxy Studios reincarnation for over a year – I had gotten so far as to partially redo the website, talk about it with friends, and work with several clients for Personal Branding photography – but hadn’t really started to put the work out there.  I felt guilty and embarrassed about this of course, but nothing can make you bring a project to life until you’re ready.

Even if you ache to get your genius out there, even if you know there are people who need you, even if it makes you totally light up – until you’re ready, it stays silent.  Partially because you have all of these fears about not being good enough, not knowing enough, or not being ready enough.  Partially because your craving to do the work hasn’t yet grown louder than those fears.

I know this, because I’ve been through it before – when I first started Jillian Kay Photography in 2006, when I left weddings and first launched Epoxy Studios (for headshots) in 2013, and again, now that I’m pivoting into Personal Branding photography – a deeper, more personal, more amazing dive into portraiture than I’ve ever done.

If you’re in the same boat….and so many of use are…here’s what I’m learning.  Let it slip out one grain at a time, like the sand in an hour glass.  Tell a friend, tell a stranger on the bus, find a group where you can talk about it.  Practice on a friend.  Let a coworker hire you. Do the work, modify your approach for the next one, do it again.

Let yourself fall in love with your new business slowly, and let it be as terrifying and as exciting as that.  If you’re not ready to marry it right away- date.

Don’t believe every guru that tells you that you have to immediately conquer your fears, shout it loudly, and hold a parade.  It’s okay to let it snowball.  But,  and trust me on this, even the snowball takes a little courage.  Just keeping rolling.

I’m excited to finally share some of the work that I’ve done with amazing women over the past year, and to share the work that I have coming up!   I’ll be sharing not only client work, but also some muses.  My “muses” are shoots that I take on to exercise my photography whims, try out new ideas, and keep me on my toes.

I’m ready.

xoxox – Jillian



(If you’re ready to launch your new brand or transformation, I’d love to chat with you.  Contact me!)

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